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Fructify Network

A women-led organisation on a Mission to spark the sustainability discussion and empower professionals to catalyse change.

Vision is to reshape our economy by creating a powerful collaboration network around sustainable business transformation. We empower professionals through our platform and programs to become the ChangeMakers on their own, within social businesses or within corporations.

Our Team

Karina Mereuta

Co-Founder, Program Management, Learning Experience Design
12+ years experience in start-up programs and ecosystem building, with expertise in systems change, social impact and sustainability education gathered in over a decade of working for Governments, private sector and NGOs.
Expertise: Sustainability Education, Learning & Development, ESG
Awards: Social Impact Finalist of Hidden Figures Award, Non-Profit Organisation in 2022, Nominee of the "Top 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2023" by Euclid Network

Tünde Mikó

Co-Founder, Digital Communications
Over 10+ years experience in different professional areas across various sectors: digital communications, PR, marketing, agile project management, quality assurance in the public, the IT sector and also as an entrepreneur.
Expertise: Integrated Sustainable and Digital Communications & Marketing, Visual Design (Graphic Design, User Experience Design)

Field Specialist: Food Safety & Quality, Biology

Monica Moldovan

Co-Founder, Community Lead & Fundraising
Over 14+ years project management and innovation experience in multi-cultural, startup and international environments
Expertise: Community Engagement, Learning Experiences Design, Program Management, Diversity Equity Inclusion, Content Writing

Sustainability will remain a bubble and a buzzword for business...

if its knowledge is accessible only to the very few in the specialised departments of corporations and Academia.
The urgency of climate change calls for urgency to equip professionals, business leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to pivot towards sustainability and engage their teams at the right speed.
What we believe in

Our Credo

We believe that PEOPLE are the main catalysts of system change, the ones able to move the needle from “business as usual” to “business as a force of good”. 

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We contributed with sustainability education inputs to various programmes and projects

Contributing Partners

Helping us building a collaborative ecosystem for sustainable business transformation

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Ecosystem Partners

We participated in

Deep Ecosystems - Accelerator finished in 2021

Supercharger Ventures - Incubator Cohort 2.0 finished in 2022

Our Impact

Our activities are rooted in the Triple Bottom Line (People - Planet - Profit) concept.

We contribute to the following SDGs

Main Impact Goals
Sustainable practices in business are deeply related to People development, Human Rights  and equitable Economic Development. By offering a platform for businesses to learn and understand how to implement sustainability, we open the space for better practices that directly impact decent work & economic growth
It takes a village to learn and apply sustainability. Through directly working with start-ups and SMEs we work for safer, cleaner, more equitable and resilient cities and communities.
Secondary Impact Goals

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Annual reports

Our Advisory Board

Karime Abib

"Sustainability education goes beyond learning facts; it's about grasping the complexities of our world to create a purpose-driven society that goes beyond meeting targets. It's crucial for both business leaders and the community to have this knowledge. Fructify's ambitious vision inspires me, and I'm excited to advise and learn from their board."

Olivier Kunz

"Addressing the challenges to develop a sustainable leadership has to be part of a company’s DNA. Fructify Network believes that PEOPLE are the main catalysts of system change, the ones able to move the needle from “business as usual” to “business as a force of good”. Helping, supporting and advising in this crucial path represents the fundamental for me as a human being, as a father, as a leader and as an active member of our society. "

Marjan Najafi

"Education on sustainability is the cornerstone of creating a sustainable future. The valuable work done by the Fructify Network is a great stepping stone towards that."

Luca Gondosta

“I’m thrilled to join Fructify Network and help it grow by putting my knowledge at expertise at their support. I’m confident it will be a great journey together!”

Ekaterina Herzig

"Each of us has to decide our impact on today's world. For me joining The Board of the Fructify Network, which "decodes sustainability and delivers knowledge", is the way to be a part of the solution."

Siriana Käser

"The change starts with all of us, and therefore I’m proud to be part of the Fructify Network Knowledge Hub. ESG is no longer a nice to have but a must-have. However, it can be very confusing to start the ESG journey. With the knowledge Hub on Sustainability of Fructify Network we help you acquire the fundamentals on sustainability in an easy and understandable way to start your change. Join us and start now!"
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