Welcome to ChangeMakers Connect

An online event where Skills embrace Purpose ...

For career transitioners and also for seasoned professionals
  • to connect with like-minded individuals and organisations
  • to build up your portfolio for the chosen career path in sustainability
  • to support impactful initiatives by contributing with your skills and resources to drive change
  • to discover impactful projects to inspire and motivate you and your community

12 Dec 2023

18:00 CET

Online event with impactful organisations

Commitment fee

CHF 25

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This event is specifically designed for:

Sustainability enthusiasts

you can find your passion and get inspiration for your next actions

Career transitioners
to sustainability

you can build up your portfolio for the chosen career path by helping impactful organizations

Seasoned (sustainability) professionals

you can drive change by supporting emerging initiatives with your expertise or by exposing them to your network

Empowering voices, igniting action

At the heart of this event is a lineup of speakers:
ChangeMakers who started various companies, organizations and projects with a GREAT objective in mind:
to change the world…for good. 
You'll meet a diverse array of trailblazers, influencers, and innovators, each with their unique stories and expertise in fields such as Social Innovation, Tech for Good, and Empowering Communities.
A platform to offer evergreen inspiration and showcase a diverse and refreshing mix of regenerative leaders from all around the world.
Ailuna is the employee and customer sustainability action & engagement app and platform.
Miyara is on a mission to redefine women's health during menopause transition and beyond through education and customized healthcare solutions.
A local-to-local impact-driven start-up that works toward breaking the stigma around mental health and increasing overall well-being by re-connecting the community. 
A platform to discover diverse personal and business opportunities at local or global impact, startups, conscious brands & non-profits
The organisation creates connections: Between cocoa production and chocolate consumption, between enjoyment and responsible action, and between food and politics.
Miyara is on a mission to redefine women's health during menopause transition and beyond through education and customized healthcare solutions.
UP is a community that connects the residents of Zürich to their local mental and physical health resources.
The rule is simple:
10 minutes inspiring speeches and presentations
about their changemaking work, but with a final ASK from the community. Because there is nothing more precious to ChangeMakers than support and resources to transform their GREAT objective into GREAT results. 

Actionable ASKs for lasting impact

The speakers will articulate their specific needs to scale their sustainability-driven initiatives.
And you, dear community of changemakers can actually play an active role in projects that need you! 
Improving your skills and creating a portfolio will ensure your green career transformation.

Knowledge Partners 

Karime Abib
Founder of
Renée LaPlante
Founder & Director of Decarbonista
Pauliina Rasi
Communications Consultant & Copywriter
Zsofia Agnes Nagy
Sustainable Supply Chain Expert 


18:00 - 18:20 Welcome & Warm-up

The Dilemma of a ChangeMaker
Fructify team in dialogue with Claire Murigande from the Narratives of Purpose Podcast, who interviewed numerous innovators and social impact entrepreneurs.

18:20 - 19:30 ChangeMakers in the Spotlight

6 inspirational presentations  + 6 invitations to action for the participants!
  • Inspirators
  • Ailuna
  • Earthpact
  • Myara
  • UP Zurich
  • Good Chocolate HUB

19.30 - 20.00 Networking 

Meeting the people behind the change-making
Connecting catalysts for positive change

ChangeMakers Connect is not just an event; it's a platform for fostering impactful connections and collaborations.

Let's create together a library of impactful organisations & projects 

We are building up a library of organisations & projects that are actively shaping the sustainability field and need the help of the ChangeMakers all over the world to amplify their impact. 
And we need your contribution to create such a powerful list. 
This library will be available on our website soon. 

What is next

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