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Positive Impact Starter KIT

Making Impact Work for People, Planet and Profit

Are you keen to make "positive impact" part of your business story but you are not sure how to make it happen concretely?
Are you looking for a simple way to manage and measure your impact?
Do you want to understand how global goals such as Sustainable Development Goals translate into company impact goals and how they lead to action?
This workshop will guide you into the topic, using interactive exercises to help you understand the fundamental concepts and to help you set and plan your impact goals.

  • Basic level
  • CHF 90
  • On demand

  • 180 min
  • Certification of completion will be provided
It is for you if:
  • you want to create more positive impact but you get stuck in a complicated "impact" lingo, abbreviations and a multitude of concepts
  • you want to understand what is expected from a business with regards to impact and how you can make profits while being responsible and proactive
  • you want to understand the process and tools for building projects and organisations that make a difference
  • you want to understand how to communicate impact and how to make it an authentic part of your business story
  • you want to get an overview on the main aspects of impact measurement and how to improve your metrics on the go

Topics we will cover

In the accelerated climate change context, generating positive impact becomes more than a "nice to have", reserved for social enterprises and NGOs only. It is the way forward for any business, and it is more requested by consumers, investors, regulators and employees. In this 3 hours workshop we clarify what impact means from a business perspective and how to make Profit work in the same "team" with the Environment and the Social sides of your business. Also, we connect the company impact goals with the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to understand our role in the wider context and to get the tools to act ... NOW.

Main topics covered:

  • Impact, explained in a business context - why business should move from not harming to actually creating positive impact, what consumers, investors and employees expect
  • The SDGs and what role business play to achieve them
  • From Global Goals to Company Goals - setting impact goals and planning for...good business
  • The Journey from negative to positive impact using impact measurement tools
  • Why and how to talk about Impact to gain credibility and to spread your best practices and learnings

Your key takeaways

How impact becomes part of the business strategy

why it is important to add impact goals to your business goals

How to measure & manage impact

what tools to use

How to communicate your impact journey

too your stakeholders (customers, partners, investors, etc.)

 The impact washing trap

and how to avoid it

Skills you will gain by participating


About the Sustainability Expert

who will help you on your journey

Karina Mereuta
Co-founder of Fructify Network, Social Impact Expert

Karina Mereuta is the co founder of Fructify Network and an advisor for various companies and organizations on impact generation & measurement and on Learning Programs for sustainability education and culture change. She has experience in founding and managing non-profits and start-ups in Belgium, Romania and Switzerland, and consulting with projects covering decent work, gender equality, entrepreneurship & innovation ecosystem building, sustainable development, adult education and more. She is currently responsible for Learning Experiences and Product Development at Fructify Network, while supporting diverse projects and organizations to create sustainability education roadmaps, to engage stakeholders for sustainable development and to integrate impact in their overall strategy.


Sustainability Education
Impact generation & measurement
Ecosystem building
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